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My name is Theresa, and I am a twenty-something year old navigating a life filled with goodness and beauty within teaching, being a wife and mom, creating art, reading, writing, drinking coffee, and seeking truth. 

Little, little things

Little, little things

Something I have discovered I am very passionate about is the beauty of simple things.

The stresses and ups and downs of life can muddle our perspective of how fortunate we really are. Yes, I have endured probably the hardest year of my life, and known plenty of suffering along the way, but I would be doing my soul a disservice if I ignored the every day things that have the capacity to bring me joy. 

It is a particularly freeing way to live, to be achingly grateful for what you have. 

Sometimes it takes getting out of your head to realize that the many pieces of your busy life are blessings that we just take for granted because they are so good. 

Modern living is incredible. I have cars with tires and air conditioning and a radio that lets me enjoy the product of another artist's creativity. 

Working with children is incredible. From factors and multiples, to virtues and playgrounds, paint and white board art, my work day is never dull.

I live in a state of endless sunshine without ice scrapers and grey seasons. 

I have intensely beautiful friendships in many different places. This, this is what I take for granted. The gift of knowing and loving friends is invaluable, and we would all do well to pause and remember that our friendships are treasures. 

I have evenings with my husband and kid that consist of practicing walking, making dinner, discussing our dreams and goals together while I wash pumping parts and we fold laundry. 

I have endless beauty at my disposal with novels and books and articles and paint. Inspiration is everywhere in abundance. 

I have the ability to see life again through the eyes of an eight month old who is noticing it for the first time. The way a dog barks, the funny noises in the refrigerator, the rain and the monsoons, the thrill of a new toy, the feeling of of water in his hand: all these things are wonderful and deserve to be delighted in within childlike joy. It sounds so plain to say "live life through the eyes of a child", but honestly, experiencing the world all over again as I introduce it to my son has shown me how much there is to see and touch that I seemed to not notice before. 

Good things. Random trips for caramel ice cream, new plaid shoes, a fun find at a Thrift store, stroller rides in the sunset...whatever floats your boat: just find the simple joys in your life that you forget are good things, and well, delight in doing them.

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