On Fleeting, Beautiful Messes

So, I challenge you to take a few minutes to mentally open the painful wounds that we like to keep tucked away. Allow the realness of those memories to spark within you a deeper commitment to living with a breath of thankfulness on your lips, and recommit yourself to embracing the mess of your life, because it is within that beautiful mess that the precious moments of your life will come and go.

Little, little things

The stresses and ups and downs of life can muddle our perspective of how fortunate we really are. Yes, I have endured probably the hardest year of my life, and known plenty of suffering along the way, but I would be doing my soul a disservice if I ignored the every day things that have the capacity to bring me joy. 

On Sense of Self

But I think there is a essential difference between "spoiling" your child and providing them with absolutely, utterly unconditional affirmation that they are simply incredible, loved beyond all comprehension, and supported endlessly in whatever ways they are destined to reveal God. 

On Non-optional Self Care

I want my kid to grow up understanding that taking care of yourself, in a prayerful, habitual, and powerful way, is not a vain or selfish endeavor: it is fueling your soul to receive and give in its best capacity.