On Sense of Self

But I think there is a essential difference between "spoiling" your child and providing them with absolutely, utterly unconditional affirmation that they are simply incredible, loved beyond all comprehension, and supported endlessly in whatever ways they are destined to reveal God. 

On Non-optional Self Care

I want my kid to grow up understanding that taking care of yourself, in a prayerful, habitual, and powerful way, is not a vain or selfish endeavor: it is fueling your soul to receive and give in its best capacity.

On Contentment

I have this nagging feeling that says to me, once you pay off those loans, then you can really start living your life. My doubts and anxieties feed into this concept that juggling money and paying off loans is a pre-cursor to my true happiness, and that once we are debt-free all will be bliss.


I'm not saying that I want to give up being punctual and driven and organized, because I don't. But I sure as hell want to be more mindful than ever of these beautiful, unrepeatable moments that seem so trivial, so unbelievably ordinary as they happen.